Sunday, September 12, 2004

A & P Mini Mart and Café has been SOLD!

My mom's restaurant has been SOLD! Posted by Hello

On famous tour Route 66, a well established business that has a dedicated cliental located in beautiful northern Arizona. The restaurant is located between the historic Snow Cap Café and Angels Barber shop that has regular daily tour bus stops. Included with the package is a 2400 Square foot building in which the main restaurant is located plus 300 square foot rental gift shop (currently being rented), a 350 square foot enclosed porch for dining and located above restaurant there are 2 bedrooms and a shower that is being used as living quarters for current owner. There is another shower located behind kitchen downstairs. To area in the rear of the restaurant is an L shaped building with 3 single rooms/showers and one two bedroom suite with 2 beds, a shower and kitchenette. There is also a laundry room with washer and dryer (included). Each room has custom tile in showers and can be used as either office space or for room rentals (2 of the rooms are currently being rented out as office space and the other 2 rooms have residents), furniture is included with purchase except for furniture in office spaces that is owned by renters. Between the rooms and the restaurant are two covered car ports and tool shed, customers can park along 3 sides of restaurant.
Dining Area

2 Banquet tables with chairs
4 Booths
2 tables in patio
Total seating of 42 guests

Kitchen Area ( and included equipment)

Modern hood and fire extinguisher above cooking area
2 upright freezers
3 laying down glass topped freezers
1 5 door cooler
3 refrigerators (one small, one regular, one stainless steel commercial)
1 Brewmatic industrial coffeemaker
100 cup tea pot
1 microwave
1 two basket deep fryer
1 industrial stove with grill and oven
(*all of the dishes need to run restaurant are included with purchase, plus most of the pots pans and other miscellaneous cooking equipment. The only excluded equipment are the woks, wok stove and the oriental dishes.

Price 196,000


Anonymous said...

How amazing to find this little restaurant on the web! I lived in Seligman for four years and loved it. I walked past this little place over and over with my kids when they were little. When I opened this page I thought it looked familiar even before I read the place name, despite the fact that I've been gone for 5 years.

I will get back to that area. We live in Bullhead City now but the heat is killing us. Fortunately for me, when I get back this time I'll have some control over my life and be able to stay.

God bless your mom. I wish I could buy it and turn it into a shop (because I do handmade jewelry, not restaurants) but I'm just climbing out of a crushing marriage, and my financial situation reflects it. It will be a couple of years before I get back there, and I hope before then another of your excellent readers will take a chance on this picturesque little town. (Folks, just 20 miles out of town there's a cave system called the Grand Canyon Caverns; the sky is fantastic, different every day, and you can see every star; there are cedar forests all around this beautiful place. You can walk out into the wilderness and feel like no one has ever walked there but you -- and lots of this land is for sale, but lots is also Indian reservation or ranch land, so the city will never overrun this place. Go for it!)

Shana Renzema

alix said...

oh, don't tempt me...
i'm a desert rat meself, and have family in prescott, and all over the four corners states. sure do miss that big sky and REAL mountains...

if i knew ANYthing about running a restaurant, i'd be on top of this in a minute. my little family could really benefit from clean air, the mesa mosey, and the Western attitude. i'm still trying to get back, after 30+ years in the south. (gawd, has it been *that* long?!)

enjoy your blogs, i love your conversational style.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could buy this restaurant. I have recently moved from AZ to CA and have 2 years culinary education and have been a menu designer for several catering companies. Unfortunately I couldnt afford it right now, my credit is rotten as is my savings. I no longer use my education and work in an office. This restaurant would have been a dream come true. I hope it will make somebodys dream come true~! Good Luck


Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see the restaurant posted here!

I'm a newbie to Phoenix, Arizona. While driving back (the long way) from L.A., I decided to hookup wherever I could to historic Route 66.

I visited this town and remember seeing the restaurant. The nostalgia of this town is terrific!

Dan The Man
U.S. Navy '67-'70